How-to Overcome Bridge And Tower in Bloons Adventure Times TD | BATTD

Link and Tower try a 3-Skull chart in Bloons Adventure energy TD which turns out to be a little more challenging than anticipated for new people.

Connection and Tower could be the earliest map in Bloons Adventure Time TD which includes three lanes and although all three lanes remain rather near to each other, the center/bottom way ends up getting a lot faster than the various other two.

Link and Tower require adequate assortment to perform and can require a little extra method, especially if you aspire to beat the negative by simply coping with character problems.

Connection and Tower are a chart which contains 3 bloon modifiers at optimal getting bloons have one higher covering, bloons go 1.5x more quickly, which map contains zombie bloons which respawn after are conquered.

This guide can be utilized for almost any tier difficulty.


It is important that you deliver some ornaments into this chart to assist you conquer they in one go. The following are a number of my personal favourites:

Missiles on Finn to assist beat bloons in the early game.

Fire Crown on fire Princess to greatly help expand their selection.

Cups of Nerdicon on as much figures as is possible for +9 array.

Future’s amazingly is specially useful because passively decreases the health of most MOABs and BADs.

If you’re contemplating the best trinkets within the online game take a look at this blog post.


Partners are not always essential to defeat maps, however, some could make specific maps technicians less complicated to handle.

Inside instance of connection and Tower, you’ll want to make sure that your allies tend to be focussed on giving you some dough flow and working with any leftover straggler bloons.

Partners should usually be placed final, although in some instances Lemonhope may be placed to enhance the approach speeds of damage coping characters.

Besides Lemonhope, just who should currently be on their staff, the following are the partners you might like to ingest link and Tower.

Typically, Moe is an extremely pointless ally, in case he could be positioned in the most effective part of this chart he can help make sure no bloons make it to the end of the chart.

Imagine Moe among the easiest ways to make certain that no purple bloons break free, because during an Impoppable level that’s gonna be one of the most typical pitfalls.

CELEBRATION goodness –

Equivalent, Party God enables you to beat straggler bloons, though he is more expensive than Moe.


If you are having problems with MOABs make certain you get Gumbald since he can Polymorph them, effectively stunning all of them.


The image overhead is the keeping of each of my figures towards the end associated with the online game.

Mention: it doesn’t include the keeping of any allies other than COBRA since he or she is my emphasis these days.

Below is actually a step by step tutorial on what we place figures to conquer connection and Tower in Bloons Adventure energy TD.


I beginning every chart with all the proven fact that i must making just as much cash when I can through round to fund on purchasing more characters, particularly when records bring challenging.

Although the chart was a fairly profil meet me simple map, it’s easier than you think for bloons to slide by, thus be certain that whilst setting figure these are typically since tight-fitting because they can feel collectively.

I always start-off by putting several COBRAs to make early-game funds. Options to setting COBRA was placing BMO.


It’s my job to hold off on putting Princess Bubblegum because she’sn’t by far the most effective dynamics for the online game.

Since my personal figures are common a fairly good degree at this time, they are able to annihilate the majority of bloons, but unfortunately as a result of duration of this track often bloons sneak past my personal figures.

In order to avoid a bloon leakage verify Princess Bubblegum has Royal Decree which offers $750 a circular and will guide you to buying as many characters as possible during the early game.

Normally i would suggest staying away from Royal Decree and as an alternative using Jellybeans Have energy, in this example, cash is a lot more pressing and crucial.

Having as much figures that you can from the field will make sure there enough of industry is covered by scratches, but again this will be determined by just what levels their figures is and exactly what trinkets you really have prepared.