Cool filtration removes many of the essential fatty acids from whisky.

Picture you’re a large brand name, generating lots and lots of containers each year. Visitors will expect each package to-be a similar – such as the color. But, whisky try an all natural, natural product. Like fruit and veg, there’s always some variation in color. Now some companies might add caramel color assuring consistency; and thats OK. But we feel all-natural version in colour falls under its fictional character, producing each whisky unique and delightful. So we never add any colour, keeping it pure and natural.

Something chill filtration?

Absolutely nothing removed

This technique is sometimes employed by additional companies to avoid whiskies lower than 46% supposed cloudy in cold weather. We never chill filter our very own whiskies, even as we wish to hold all of the season, and all of the efas, within the whisky (and because we bottle at cask strength, very few of our own bottles is ever going to go overcast). This is why we explain our whiskies to be “non cool filtered”.

Why is an age declaration essential?

Complete transparency

a get older declaration shows the length of time a whisky has become developed for and it is imprinted regarding the label, frequently entirely many years. Whether its young (36 months), or older (thirty years), doesn’t mean the whisky are bad, or great. You can get outstanding younger whiskies, and often outdated whiskies aren’t effective. Exactly what we feel is important, was transparency. That you know what you’re consuming. Thats why our bottles hold an age statement, plainly showing what age the whisky is.

container design

Made to end up being discussed

We feel whisky is supposed to most probably, provided and treasured. We think a beneficial single malt results in company, latest and outdated, with each other in conversation and life. So, we designed our containers are like a decanter – intended to be passed away around a small grouping of family as they take pleasure in a dram collectively, and positioned in the midst of the table as they communicate their own feelings.

Right here to aid

Purchase a whisky cask

Ever desired to have your own cask?

When you need to pick a cask of single malt whisky, we are here to greatly help. We have numerous casks, and as an expert dealer, we could supply a straight wider assortment.

Along with various sizes and forms of casks, there’s a great deal to select from. You might get a big cask meaning many containers; something similar to a butt. Or you might go after one thing small, like an octave, specifically if you’re looking for some thing most workable. Therefore we can help with a selection of season visibility, both in regards to distillate (distillery faculties and whether or not the new make was actually peated or otherwise not will impact taste) as well as in regards to cask maturation (either full term maturation or finishing in many different casks – bourbon, sherry, interface, wine – plenty of solution).

If you’re searching to create your independent bottling, millionaire match this is additionally things we could assist you with – from selecting the most appropriate cup container, right through to creating the tag. Or perhaps you may be enthusiastic about whisky as a good investment, again things we can give you advice on.

What you may’re interested in, please e mail us by pressing the hyperlink below, plus one of one’s cask authorities are pleased to assist.

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Right here to simply help

Offer a whisky cask

Do you own a cask that you would like to offer?

Where their solitary malt whisky, Irish whiskey, or United states bourbon we might feel pleased to let. We offer free valuations on all casks, so you’re able to determine what your own cask is currently really worth. And now we’ may present suggestions about the options you have available to you personally.

We would have the ability to purchase your cask oureselves, there and then; or allow you to bottle they offered; or, sell to help you our very own large system of connections.

Anything you need, we would getting pleased to help. Contact us by pressing the hyperlink below, plus one in our cask purchasers would be contact.

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“The solitary Cask try an organization centered on supplying superior quality whisky because it ended up being supposed to be provided – right from the cask as well as in their most natural county, cask strength, obviously coloured and low cool filtered.”